You want
– to lead your staff more successfully
– to implement organisational changes more sustainably
– to improve your teamwork
– to resolve work conflicts
– to become more professional when working with people
– to face and overcome work or life challanges
– to solve difficulties with your direct reports, collegues, manager, with your team working together or with implementing your change

You are Teamleader, Leadership Executive or Head of Personal Development or Organisational Development, 
who cares most about Experience, Competence and Trust when searching for support.

Continous improvement of communications, relationships and processes.
Leadership, Team and Organisational Development. Harmonizing efficiency with humanity.
For over 20 years I have been coaching organisations, teams and executives as Organisational Development Consultant, Supervision Facilitator and Coach.

Be the benefactor of
– my competence profile with a systemic-analytical balanced range of education
– various target group experiences and familiarity with engineers, businessmen, social workers, teachers and administrative staff
– long term experience with professional workers, foremen and leaders up to global executives
– five years of international experience either in research and development, manufacturing or marketing, distribution and logistics
– over 1000 days of workshop/training experiences
– over 1000 hours of coaching experience
– years of experience as departmental leader of personnel and organisational development and team leader for 12 trainers, coaches and consultants
– last, but not least, my passion for performance, people and nature
In Order to hear what costumer say about me please click on Reference in the bar ahead of this page. 
Ask for a free test session about your theme: Phone: 0049 (0) 171 513 713 4

Leadership Coaching

Reflecting and working on individual challenges in your daily leadership life. Coaching is supporting learning and decision making. Ensuring a problem resolution focus in your reflections, attitudes, decisions and actions. Personal and professional development through MBTI Coaching as additional support option. Discover your personal nature, strengths and pitfalls. Raise your awareness for the diversity of individual mentalities and work styles. Get benefits out of new knowledge for a better work life, teamwork and leadership.
Setting: Fortnightly or three weekly, one to two hours, onsite.


Leadership Group Coaching

Learn from real life incidents of participants within collegial group coaching sessions. Enhance your work role and responsibilities, communications and relationship management. Enjoy  exchange driven learning among peers with mutual support.
Setting: Six to twelve months, monthly, half a day, onsite or offsite.

Organisational Development and Change Management

Organisational development consulting means conceptualising, communicating and stabilizing your change. You get process consultancy support on site. Examples:
– Fostering team empowerment within lean manufacturing, lean distribution or lean logistics.
– Supporting implementation of sustainable integrative Leadership Culture Change
– Supporting your specific Reorganisation.


Mentor for new Hires – an Education for your High Potentials

Develop your new hires and your future potentials on the same run. Let your high potentials gain first coaching experience and let them learn responsibility for employee development. On the other side let your new employees benefit from this Learning Organisaion success factor. Build up an employer competitive advantage of the future.
Setting: Three months, fortnightly, half a day, onsite.


Team Development, Team Supervision, Team Coaching

Clarify, Develop and Improve Team Effectiveness, Team Strategies, Communications, Relationship Management, Roles and Responsibilities. Learn from each other by facing individual work challenges and teamwork obstacles and work out solutions and improvements together. Use a Teamcoach as Process Consultant and Facilitator. Better understand, sense and make use of international, crosscultural and individual work style differences by MBTI Teamcoaching on demand: Biweekly or threeweekly, half a day or a day, onsite.

Group Coaching in collegial coaching rounds as high professionals education

for project managers, change agents, coaches, consultants, educational or social professions. Enhance your clearness on job role and responsibility, improve your communication skills, find new Relationship Management Options. Learn with and from peers with mutual respect, appreciation and strengthening support. Grow together and network: Six to twelve months, monthly, half a day or a day.






Mediation of Work Conflicts

Let moderation and facilitation be your bridge to each other. Clarify work conflict situations. Mediation is Result orientated. Mediation supports agreements accepted from all, talking with and understanding each other, protection of respectful communication appreciating different perspectives, finding new ways of behaviors in future with new gained self responsibility: Two hours to three hours, weekly to three weekly. In groups half-day, bi-weekly.

Workshops and Trainings


Coaching Skills for Leaders 

Learn  development supporting communication with your staff in your leadership role. Learn a Leadership style for successfull employees who shall say about you, „he doesn’t control me but he does care“

MBTI Diversity Team Development 

Not only age, gender, nationality, sexual or religious orientation, disability or colour of skin make us diverse. The way we think, decide and perceive makes us all being special diverse mentality types and minorities. Not only tolerating or accepting but honestly appreciating diversity as valuable ressource is personally felt need and exercised experience for each of us in such a workshop. The workshop fosters mutual learning each other in our diversity and mutual respect and trust. Discover your mental team diversity as a ressource for increasing effectively working together as a team.


MBTI Diversity Leadership Development 

Not only age, gender, nationality, sexual or religious orientation, disability or colour of skin make us diverse. The way we think, decide and perceive makes us all being special diverse mentality types and minorities. Not only tolerating or accepting but honestly appreciating diversity as valuable ressource is personally felt need and exercised experience for each of us in such a workshop. The workshop fosters mutual learning each other in our diversity and mutual respect and trust. Raise your awareness for your team diversity  more as a usefull success relevant ressource rather than a conflict source and be a Leader in the right way for related chances and challenges.


MBTI Diversity Change Leadership 

The way we think, decide and perceive makes us all being special diverse mentality types and talents. Not only tolerating or accepting but honestly appreciating this diversity as valuable ressource is key success factor within the change process you as a change leadership team want to implement successfully. Learn to align your diverse range of mentalities and relating talents to the needs of your wished change in your organisation. Learn the different needed talents for successfull Changemanagement and learn how to find These talents in your change Leadership Team and your change Target groups. Enjoy your change journey on a new way. Increase sustainability of your change process.


Communication skills – leading difficult conversations 

Experience successfull conversations in difficult work relationship situations, with employees, collegues or your manager.  Learn and get your tools for  effective improvement of relationship and your successful conversation style.


Conflict Resolution Skills 

Learn to know the whole ränge of conflict resolution methods. Exercise successfull conflict conversations. Learn how mediate conflicts of your employees within your team or your collegues. Get valuable advice for your specific conflict related situation to find new ways for  sustainable improvement of your conflict behaviour.


All Trainings and Workshops can be choosen as one day or two day version. Versions of two or four half days include the advantage of in between real worklife practical experience evaluation with corrective action and improvement derivement in the follow up session.


MBTI Workshops need indivdual one hour interviews with MBTI Coaching for each participant beforehand.

Call me or write to me for further Information I am looking forward to your questions: 0049 171 5137134

Ask for a free concept talk to customize your workshop or training: 0049 171 513 713 4


Nature Coaching

Nature Coaching in the city park in north Hamburg at the banks of the Elbe to the Jenischpark at the outer Alster Free your thoughts and get them into motion. Leave boundaries. 1 to 2 hours, also on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings


Wander Coaching

Enjoy your Coaching by walking or hiking through Nature Hike with your Coach through the Fischbeker Heath, through the Boberger Dunes or at the Falkensteiner banks of the Elbe, all near Hamburg. Enjoy Your Way. Don’t go alone. 3 hours, also on Saturday mornings


Work and Life Coaching

Facing my themes – with support on my side. Get a better overview over your challenging work or life situations. Find your own new clearing views, attitudes and decisions. Better know your strengths, better use your sources of personal power. Find Your own best level of attentiveness towards freedom, hapyness, peace and love in your life: Weekly to threeweekly, one hour to two hours. In Hamburg City, Eppendorf or Winterhude.





Customer Feedback 

Career and Competence Coaching
„Target focused and customized: We worked intensively on wishes, objectives and skills in this coaching, so he enabled me to do a tremendous step forward. He essentialy raised my awareness about my real wishes and goals behind the scenes and about how I can achieve them. His coaching was exactly adapted to my personal needs and has enabled me to live a greater composure and serenity. I am very thankful for all the progress I made.“
Frank Bonse, Manager Automobile Planning and und Two wheels, at that time Supervisor

Monthly Leadership Group Coaching Sessions with practical cases  

„You learn a lot on the individual practice cases of your experienced Leadership Collegues. I enhanced my coaching skills by supporting others. Most helpful for me was to leave the session with new ideas and perspectives for my own leadership challenges and return to daily business with a more relaxed view on things.“
Engineer, Teamleader and Supervisor Product Development, Ford of Europe
Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development
„Stefan Clasemann supported and coached my leadership team, so we made an essential step forward. I recommend him, if you search for a reflection and cross-thinking stimulating, target focussed competent leadership coach. His professional interventions were sustainably helpfull for us to navigate through our difficult daily leadership life challenges.“ 
Jochen Coelsch as Director Ford Customer Service Germany

Team Development and Team Coaching with Collegial Coaching Rounds
„By Stefans Coaching and Facilitation Support my team and me as their new teamleader had a good amount of space and time for us to consolidate and further develop our work together. We supported oneanother by additional different perspectives on things and helpful different experiences. We really learned to know each other better. „
Lars Becker as Head of Corporate Security, Cologne Headquarter Ford of Germany  

Leadership Coaching for Formen
„It’s a year ago now and I still remember with joy your helpful Leadership Coaching. I essentially enhanced my knowledge regarding teamleadership and I found new ways to effectively communicate my ideas of change. Stefans coaching was very useful for me and had sustainable effect on my leadership behavior up till now. Especially his MBTI Coaching was very helpful for me, on the one hand to enhance my perception of others behaviors and on the other hand to get better use on my own natural strengths and get different characters in my team better handled. “
Forman Transport and Logistics, Material Planning and Logistics, Ford of Germany

Teambuilding and Teamcoaching
„Stefan coached our new multicultural start up Team, with his Coaching and the Teambuilding Workshop he boosted our Teamwork got us going into the right direction, we learned to know each other better, elaborated a team vision, clarified roles and responsibilities, increased our communication effectiveness, cohesion and mutual trust for a great start. I recommend him, if you search for an excellent, competent teambuilding coach and facilitator.“ 
Silvio Bosle, Project Teamleader, Automobile Research & Advanced Engineering
MBTI Diversity Personality Analysis und Coaching Personality Development
„A very sympathetic and empathic  transversale thinker arousing surprising insights and ideas. A coach full of openess and empathy for my needs, issues and requests.  You can experience it by his intensively clarifying the contracting, his relentlessly elucidating analysis and his always fitting interventions and questions, which led me to  amazing findings and helpfull ideas.  His Coaching is always open and straight ahead but never hurtful neither humiliating. I am impressed by his huge amount of experience in work related and personal issues, from which I strongly benefitted. So I always feel understood. I highly recommend him as your coach and I am looking forward to future sesssions with him.“
Diversity Manager Germany, Automobile Industry
Top Executive Leadership Coaching
„I am comprehensively satisfied with delivered coaching support, Which enlarged my skills Regarding Communication, Leadership Behaviour and stress management. I was able to apply into my daily work life, what I have learned and application supported my work effectively. The personality diversity related view, Which what Offered By MBTI, gave valuable insights how to further refine communication and leadership skills as well as understanding the interactions of the different Mentalities in my teams and even. in private life Overall a very positive coaching experience. „
Global Executive Automotive Product Development
Organisational Development and Change Management 
„Stefan Clasemann supported our leadership crew by Organisational Development Consultancy and Deliverance of Strategy and Change Leadership Team Workshops. Project manager skills were strengthened in his Project Leader workshops and facilitated Collegial Coaching Rounds. He also helpfully coached several Team Leaders and Teams through challenging phases of change. He is an experienced expert of leadership, teamwork and change. I recommend his service for your effective and sustainable improvement of work processes, working relationships and communication. „
Wolfgang David, Manager Automotive Research and Advanced Engineering Europe
Leadership and Development Coaching for High Potentials
„Stefans Leadership coaching was terrific! I was always enthusiastic about him and his interventions. I always felt myself in good hands because of  his heartily, trustful and personal style combined with sufficient professional distance and a good  amount of humor. He really helped me along!“
Walter Pijls, Supervisor Innovation Management for Mobility, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe 
at that time Technical Specialist and Coordinator

Change Process Consultancy and Organisational Development Support – Lean Manufacturing
„Stefan supported us 15 years ago for over two years as Process Consultant for lean manufacturing and empowerment of manufacturing teamwork. He coached specialists and managers individually and in groups at all levels of our manufacturing organisation. His advice, his coaching, his moderation and his facilitated workshops were an important and essentially useful part in our organisational change management process. He’s a guy whith passion and reason. I recommend him as professional expert.“
Oliver Kröll, Change Manager and Change Team Leader Ford Production System, Transmission and Chassis Plant Cologne


Customer References

Production/Product Development
Soraya Hachemi, Leadership Development & Culture Change
Airbus Group Leadership University
Karl Anton as Director Ford Fiesta Manufacturing Cologne
today he’s Director Manufacturing Vehicle Operations Germany & Belgium
Distribution and Logistics
Klaus Heinen as Manager Parts Distribution Center Europe
today he’s Manager European Purchasing Customer Service
Trade/Retail Trade
Jürgen Munsch
Manager HR Development, Leadership Developement and Recruiting
Real Self-service Department Stores, Metro Group
Technical Product Development
Ingmar Ackermann as Location Lead Cologne Ford Product Development
and Chief Engineer Europe Vehicle Evaluation & Verification
Research and Advanced Engineering Europe
Pim van der Jagt as Director Ford Research Center Aachen
and Executive Technical Leader Global Vehicle Dynamics
Customer Service
Jochen Coelsch as Director Ford Customer Service Germany
and Director Ford Customer Service Division
Olaf Voss Manager Social Education Training 
Town of Hamburg, Authority of Work, Social Services and Integration




MBA, Westfalien Wilhelms University, Münster

Human Ressources and Organisational Development Specialist, WBB, Tübingen
Certificate Staff Consulting Skills, Peter Block, London
Master Change Management, Jeanine LaMarsh, London
Systemic Organisational Development Consultant, WIBK, Paderborn
Ressource-focused Coaching, Milton Erickson Institute, Bonn
Systemic Coach, WIBK, Paderborn
Continuing Behavior Therapy for Burnout Prevention, KLVT, Cologne
MBTI Trainer and Coach, OPP / AMT, Hamburg
Mediator, Friedensbildungswerk, Cologne
Supervisor & Coach for Leadership, Change and Work together, Triangle, Berlin




16 years Experience in Ford Motor Company Internal Organisational Development Consultancy, Training, Workshop Facilitation, Supervision and Coaching:

5 years Experience in Organisational Development, Process Consultancy, Facilitation and Coaching for Teamwork in and Leadership of Lean Manufacturing in areas of Automotive Manufacturing
5 years Experience as Organisational Development, Human Resources Development, Workshop Facilitation and Coaching in areas of automotive Marketing, Sales, Service, Distribution and Logistics
6 years Experience in Mentoring 6 Mentees 1.5 years Experience in Leading 12 Trainers, Coaches and Consultants for Leadership, Change and Teamwork Support
5 years Experience in Organisational Development Consultancy, Mediation, Supervision and Coaching Teamwork, Leadership and Change for automotive Research and Development
more than 1000 days Experience in Training, Workshop Facilitation or Coaching Groups and Teams
more than 1000 hours of Coaching Experience
Stefan Clasemann
OD Consultant 
Supervisor Coach
Maria-Louisen-Strasse 4
22301 Hamburg
Phone: 0171 5137134
Mobile: 0172 7403268
XING LinkedIn
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, Kontonummer 406 1999 103, BLZ 430 609 67,
IBAN: DE 54430609674061999103,
Fiskus : 4304002749


Optional Locations for Single or Group Sessions

– Company internal on site – Customer books Rooms and Equipment
– HBC Hamburger Business Center, Hamburg City Am Berliner Tor, Beim Strohhause 31, 20097 Hamburg 
– Hamburg Business Center Eppendorf, Quartier am Zeughaus, Christoph-Probst-Weg 4, 20251 Hamburg



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