You want
– to lead your staff more successfully
– to implement organisational changes more sustainably
– to improve your teamwork
– to resolve work conflicts
– to become more professional when working with people
– to face and overcome work or life challanges
– to solve difficulties with your direct reports, collegues, manager, with your team working together or with implementing your change

You are Teamleader, Leadership Executive or Head of Personal Development or Organisational Development, 
who cares most about Experience, Competence and Trust when searching for support.

Continous improvement of communications, relationships and processes.
Leadership, Team and Organisational Development. Harmonizing efficiency with humanity.
For over 20 years I have been coaching organisations, teams and executives as Organisational Development Consultant, Supervision Facilitator and Coach.

Be the benefactor of
– my competence profile with a systemic-analytical balanced range of education
– various target group experiences and familiarity with engineers, businessmen, social workers, teachers and administrative staff
– long term experience with professional workers, foremen and leaders up to global executives
– five years of international experience either in research and development, manufacturing or marketing, distribution and logistics
– over 1000 days of workshop/training experiences
– over 1000 hours of coaching experience
– years of experience as departmental leader of personnel and organisational development and team leader for 12 trainers, coaches and consultants
– last, but not least, my passion for performance, people and nature
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Leadership Coaching

Reflecting and working on individual challenges in your daily leadership life. Coaching is supporting learning and decision making. Ensuring a problem resolution focus in your reflections, attitudes, decisions and actions. Personal and professional development through MBTI Coaching as additional support option. Discover your personal nature, strengths and pitfalls. Raise your awareness for the diversity of individual mentalities and work styles. Get benefits out of new knowledge for a better work life, teamwork and leadership.
Setting: Fortnightly or three weekly, one to two hours, onsite.


Leadership Group Coaching

Learn from real life incidents of participants within collegial group coaching sessions. Enhance your work role and responsibilities, communications and relationship management. Enjoy  exchange driven learning among peers with mutual support.
Setting: Six to twelve months, monthly, half a day, onsite or offsite.

Organisational Development and Change Management

Organisational development consulting means conceptualising, communicating and stabilizing your change. You get process consultancy support on site. Examples:
– Fostering team empowerment within lean manufacturing, lean distribution or lean logistics.
– Supporting implementation of sustainable integrative Leadership Culture Change
– Supporting your specific Reorganisation.


Mentor for new Hires – an Education for your High Potentials

Develop your new hires and your future potentials on the same run. Let your high potentials gain first coaching experience and let them learn responsibility for employee development. On the other side let your new employees benefit from this Learning Organisaion success factor. Build up an employer competitive advantage of the future.
Setting: Three months, fortnightly, half a day, onsite.


Team Development, Team Supervision, Team Coaching

Clarify, Develop and Improve Team Effectiveness, Team Strategies, Communications, Relationship Management, Roles and Responsibilities. Learn from each other by facing individual work challenges and teamwork obstacles and work out solutions and improvements together. Use a Teamcoach as Process Consultant and Facilitator. Better understand, sense and make use of international, crosscultural and individual work style differences by MBTI Teamcoaching on demand: Biweekly or threeweekly, half a day or a day, onsite.

Group Coaching in collegial coaching rounds as high professionals education

for project managers, change agents, coaches, consultants, educational or social professions. Enhance your clearness on job role and responsibility, improve your communication skills, find new Relationship Management Options. Learn with and from peers with mutual respect, appreciation and strengthening support. Grow together and network: Six to twelve months, monthly, half a day or a day.






CORONA bridging Solutions Phone Video Online Coaching

1. Solving Conflicts

Bridging from stuck positions to satisfiable needs. Let phone or videoconference moderation and facilitation be your bridge solution. Clarify work conflict situations. Mediation is result orientated. Mediation supports agreements accepted from all, talking with and understanding each other, protection of respectful communication appreciating different perspectives, finding new ways of behaviors in future with new gained self responsibility. If Your Conflict Partner is not ready to participate, Conlict Single Coaching helps achieving new Calmness and Power for Clarification and Healthy Demarcation. You discover new ways to Conflict Resolution, internally and externally, Win-Win-Solutions or Liberation from victim roles.
By Phone or Videoconference, 2hourly, weekly


2. Leadership Coaching Themes:

Difficult Employee Conversations – Teamstability – Difficulties on same Leadership Level – Challenges with Your Boss – Team Pacification and Disciplin

CORONA Coaching Themes:

Handling Uncertainty, Worries, Irritable Mood – Gain and foster Stability, Calmness and Power – Selfdiscipline, Teamdiscipline

Questions oriented Single Trainings on Phone: Conflict Resolution Strategies – Stressmanagement – mastering Homeoffice Work. Call directly and ask : 0049 40 30 75 84 26 or 0049 171 513 713 4 or